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Sunday, December 16, 2018
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About ZoneCast

In today's continually evolving business environment, it's nice to know you can trust the stability of ZoneCast.

ZoneCast has earned an excellent reputation for applying specialized problem-solving skills to a diverse range of clients and industries.

Our dedicated professionals strive to make your business more secure and successful through the cost effective use of technology. At ZoneCast, we offer a wide range of services to meet your technology needs.

Why the name ZoneCast?  Why the name ZoneCast?

A ZoneCast is a report of current conditions, advisories and alerts. One then plans all activities based on this information.

We believe this best describes our proactive approach to technology development, management and support. In the best interest of our clients, we prefer to constantly monitor our supported systems (vs. playing "catch up"), keeping an eye on developments in the IT industry (both positive and negative). This way we can implement measures to proactively prevent impending events, inform clients of measures we should take to protect their systems, and implement such measures, thereby preventing unanticipated system downtimes, Denial of Service attacks and other external threats (Such as the viruses present on the internet exploiting systems that aren't "up-to-date").

Our Mission  Our Mission:

Help make our clients more successful through the cost-effective use of computer technology, to provide a work environment that fosters teamwork, encourage continuous professional development, and give every employee the opportunity to reach their career goals through challenging work.

Operating Principles

  • Commit to excellence
  • Treat people fairly and value diversity
  • Insist on integrity
  • Communicate honestly, openly, and directly
  • Listen with an open mind; learn from everything
  • Respect, trust, and encourage others
  • Take responsibility; lead by example
  • Work as a team

We have been providing technology-consulting services for many years. Our success is based on our commitment to focus on your success. As a technology solutions provider, we have served clients in a wide range of industries.

Our Company  Our Company:

ZoneCast is a business continuity and technology security consulting company based in Burbank, California, servicing emerging businesses.

ZoneCast specializes in a variety of technical areas. Our mix of business services include Business Continuity Management, Disaster Recovery Strategies, Information Technology Security, and Regulatory Compliance.

Our focus on providing clients with business continuity, disaster recovery, web development and management solutions from a business owner's perspective, has proven to increase efficiency and overall employee productivity while assuring our clients of system reliability, security, and a minimum of downtime risk. The success of ZoneCast is based on a depth of experience and expertise distinctive in the business continuity and disaster recovery arena. Our service offerings were developed with a single focus: to insure the safe and productive use of a network, its systems and utilities.

Our commitment is to help make our clients more successful through cost-effective use of computer technology.

As a business continuity and technology security consulting company, we are dedicated to being reliable and responsive. We have built our business on it, and we guarantee it to you. Feel free to Contact us for more information.

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