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Sunday, December 16, 2018
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Enterprise Management

The first step in developing a reliable business continuity or disaster recovery plan is to know what's happening on your servers and network. Too often, businesses plan for natural disasters overlooking the one failure that occurs most often - network or systems failure due to a security breach, hardware or software failure. ZoneCast offers a suite of monitoring and management services so you can quickly identify system failures, security breaches, optimize network and application performance, and improve the quality of service delivery.

Website Performance Monitor  Website Performance Monitor
Gain an end-to-end perspective of web performance and availability by monitoring and, receive timely alert notifications. Web site URLs can be tested as often as every minute from our enterprise monitoring network.

Server Availability Monitor  Server Availability Monitor
Our server and network availability monitoring provides 24-hour server monitoring so you can be sure your web sites, servers, Internet-enabled devices and mission critical services are always up and running.

Email Server Monitor  Email Server Monitor
Our email server monitoring service makes sure that your email servers are sending and receiving emails 24/7 - an important component for delivering timely and business critical information in today's "just-in-time" world.

Email Server Monitor  Systems Monitor
Monitor all aspects of your Windows servers including CPU utilization, disk space availability, critical server processes and services and much more.

  Sign Up for a Free Trial
Evaluations of our service are available by signing up for a free trial account or contacting our Continuity Assessment Team.

  Flexible Notification and Escalation
Our flexible notification policies offer several ways to send alerts-depending on which application, server or site generates an error. Based on the duration of error, easily configured escalation policies will alert the appropriate staff. Alerts can be routed to different teams during off-peak hours.

  Unparalleled Service and Support
Our mission is to help our customers make sure their systems, applications, web sites and business-critical services are always available, are secure from known vulnerabilities and ultimately deliver an enhanced end user experience. ZoneCast works diligently to assist you with your account and help you get the most out of our business continuity, disaster recovery and IT Security services.

We understand that service and support are essential and our highly-trained Continuity Consultants can provide answers to your specific questions.

Pricing is per month per URL, service or monitored device. A one-time account activation fee may apply. Websites that require authentication using client-side credentials require an additional fee. There are additional fees for notifications by telephone, SMS networks or non-toll-free paging.

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