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Sunday, December 16, 2018
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Information Technology Security and Strategies

It's estimated that in North America alone, businesses lost approximately 55,012,608 hours of productivity in the last year, due to security breaches, downtime, and virus-attack recoveries.

ZoneCast helps organizations protect their most valuable asset - their information. We provide information systems security and efficiency assessment, awareness, education and implementation services that provide an elevated level of security for your confidential information without compromising accessibility. Information systems security, which includes computer security and network security, are factored into each project from the beginning. Implementing information systems security and strategies from the onset of a project can eliminate the costly work of "reactionary," corrective security measures. The following sections describe our information systems security and strategy offerings.

Information Technology Security  Information Technology Security:
Computer security and network security issues are impeding the new economy. Despite the enthusiasm about e-commerce, security issues are preventing many businesses from implementing on-line commerce solutions. In the absence of an information systems security plan, network administrators are justifiably concerned about crackers, hackers and virus outbreaks on a daily basis. Some experts even argue that the current Internet system is inherently flawed and a new approach is required. Find out how ZoneCast's experts can assist your organization with its Information Technology Security needs.

Contact us to learn the specific ways we can help your company with its Information Technology Security needs.

Information Technology Strategies  Information Technology Strategies:
A solid Information systems security and strategy plan is fundamental for your company's IT department. You can't meet your organization's goals if they aren't in sync with your IT department's projects and objectives. Find out how ZoneCast's experts can help your company develop and implement its Information Technology strategies.

Contact us to learn how we can help your company develop its Information Technology strategies.

Regulatory Compliance  Regulatory Compliance:
In growing numbers, businesses are realizing they must implement stronger information systems security measures for their own protection, as well as to comply with requirements imposed by regulatory agencies. The way sensitive information is managed - stored, accessed, and audited - is quickly becoming enveloped in ever-expansive regulatory compliance laws. Find out how ZoneCast can help your company meet its Regulatory compliance requirements with a regulatory compliant information systems security plan.

Contact us to learn how we can help your company meet its Regulatory Compliance requirements as part of an information systems security plan..

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  Flexible Notification and Escalation
Our flexible notification policies offer several ways to send alerts-depending on which application, server or site generates an error. Based on the duration of error, easily configured escalation policies will alert the appropriate staff. Alerts can be routed to different teams during off-peak hours.

  Unparalleled Service and Support
Our mission is to help our customers make sure their systems, applications, web sites and business-critical services are always available, are secure from known vulnerabilities and ultimately deliver an enhanced end user experience. ZoneCast works diligently to assist you with your account and help you get the most out of our business continuity, disaster recovery and IT Security services.

We understand that service and support are essential and our highly-trained Continuity Consultants can provide answers to your specific questions.

Pricing is per month per URL, service or monitored device. A one-time account activation fee may apply. Websites that require authentication using client-side credentials require an additional fee. There are additional fees for notifications by telephone, SMS networks or non-toll-free paging.

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